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How many business have you collected today? New Hobby Trending in Bengaluru: “Business Collecting”.

Click the link to download Do Friendly https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dofriendly.main

Here’s how they collect business. Firstly they decide which business he/she wish to be virtual owner and meet the existing business owner to tell them, ‘I will do word of mouth marketing for your business and send customers with an OTP which you can verify using Do Friendly, in return decide a promotion% to pay upon sale transaction value’. That’s it! Who does not like to get extra sales for their business?

The moment business owner downloads Do Friendly and fix’s a promotion percentage, Bingo! Now you are virtual business owner of it and any day you can send customer to that business by clicking REFER button upon the business listing & enter customer mobile#. So the customer gets a unique OTP. Tell the customer to give OTP while paying the bill to get Friendly discount. The catch here is, half of the promotion value will be given to customer as discount at time of transaction and remaining half of the promotion value will be online transferred to virtual business owner for doing word of mouth.

This is just one business, like this they keep collecting unlimited businesses and help people to find favorite vendors with special recommendation discount for the purchase. Do Friendly user says “Come on we got one life, lets live life like a big shot owning collections of our favorite business and be earning from it upon every opportunity we find in day to day life for zero investment”.

Interested to start this new hobby, just download the Do Friendly from Google Play to track your word of mouth and enjoy collection of businesses.

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Website www.dofriendly.com

Enquirers call: +91 9380231006.