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Don’t quit job to start your own business.

Instead tell your known business person to fix a promotion% for your referrals which they wish to share upon sale conversion. Like this you can negotiate with unlimited businesses - Gym, Saloon, Restaurants, Institute, Schools, Tuitions, Resorts, Shopping Stores, Interior Architecture, Builder, Painter, Electrician, Plumber, Web designer, Digital Marketer and any business rendering product or services.

By using ‘Do Friendly’ App you can track your referrals, check conversion status, check transaction value and get your referral fee transferred online. The customers will also be happy to use your referral because they will get same proportion of value as discount while performing the purchase.

How it Works?

1. Check vendor banner to view promotion%. Both customer & referrer gets same% upon transaction value as discount & incentive respectively.

2. Referrer will Click REFER button to update customer mobile# and clicks SEND OTP.

3. Customer receives OTP by SMS. This needs to be provided to vendor while purchasing to get discount.

4. Vendor gives discount to customer and transfers incentive to referrer by online.

If you are passionate to start something of your own then first help existing business person to get new customers. If you are successful doing it then quit the job to start full time business.

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Enquirers call: +91 9380231006.