Meet Bhaskar who started 15 businesses in 1 day with Do Friendly App.

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Mr. Bhaskar who is a marketing executive in a CCTV installation company meets minimum 3 clients in a day. A hard worker and loyal person. In his experience he has assisted several people for buying decisions like suggesting products or vendors. But, he never had thought one day the same suggestions could become his great business model.

He mentions, on 15th March 2020 whole night he could not sleep due to the possibilities he imagined by using Do Friendly App. He made 3 strategic plans to begin his business.

1. Every new business owner he meets, he will inform them to be in ‘Do Friendly’ App so he can do word of mouth recommendations.

2. Every time he goes to purchase anything, he will make sure to inform the vendor to be available in ‘Do Friendly’ App so he can refer among friends & family.

3. If any person, asks for suggestion/recommendation then refer them only using ‘Do Friendly’ App. So customer gets special discount and same amount comes to his wallet.

He started following it the very next day onwards and currently has signed up 15 vendors into ‘Do Friendly’ App and proudly tells 20 mins what he spent upon Do Friendly App is his investment for starting 15 virtual businesses. Now every recommendation he gives will bring discount to customer upon his name meanwhile his wallet keeps growing.

Wish you all the very best Bhaskar. Everyone’s word of mouth is valuable, but smart entrepreneur will track it using Do Friendly App.

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