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(Updated and Effective Date: 01-March-2020)

1. What is Do Friendly?
A mobile app to ‘Discover’, ‘Promote’ & ‘Manage’ word of mouth marketing.

2. Who can download Do Friendly?
Any user who wish to earn by tracking word of mouth marketing and should be above 18yrs.

3. Who can use Do Friendly marketing platform?
Any user who is having business can promote their business by adding a banner with a promotion percentage upon sale conversion, which will be incentivized equally between word of mouth marketer and the customer.

4. Is Do Friendly paid service?
Currently Do Friendly is absolutely free to use for Brand Friends and one time listing fee for Business users. Vendors’ are liable to pay promotion percentage upon transaction value post successful sale conversion.

5. How is the promotion percentage divided?
The updated promotion percentage is sub divided into three part: a. 45% of promotion percentage upon transaction value is paid as Friendly discount to Customer. b. 10% of promotion percentage upon transaction value is paid to Do Friendly as convenience fee. c. 45% of promotion percentage upon transaction value is paid to Brand Friend for doing word of mouth marketing.

6. Who is Brand Friend?
A person who suggests/recommends availing particular vendor’s product/service through word of mouth using Do Friendly is called as Brand Friend.

7. Does Customer need to download the Do Friendly?
No, Do Friendly is a platform connecting Brand Friends to Businesses. Here customer receives unique OTP when gets recommend by Brand Friend and customer needs to ask Friendly Discount over the recommended business premises to avail benefits. Therefore, customers need not be asked to download Do Friendly. However, if customer downloads the App, they too will be considered as Brand Friend.

8. What if the Vendor fails to pay Brand Friend, even after sale conversion?
Do Friendly is a platform enabling smooth transaction between Business user and Brand Friend. In case, Business User fails to acknowledge or does not pay commission, next day onwards the Business banner will be disabled from Do Friendly platform and it will be not activated unless Business user performs the payment. In any case Do Friendly is not liable for payment until Business user pays.

9. When will be friendly commission paid to Brand Friend?
Post successful sale conversion, business user is liable to pay to Do Friendly. Once the payment is transferred to Do Friendly, same will be notified under Brand Friend’s Do Friendly account. Brand Friend can withdraw the earnings anytime by raising an invoice through App and amount will be transferred to Brand Friend’s Bank Account in few seconds once UPI id is updated.

10. If recommended customer goes to same vendor again, will the brand friend get remunerated?
If customer asks for Friendly Discount and conveys Brand Friend’s contact number to Business User, then Business User can perform Self Declare. By which customer gets Friendly Discount and Brand Friend will get Friendly Incentive for the respective transaction. If neither customer asks for Friendly Discount nor Brand Friend has sent referral then Brand Friend will not be incentivized for the particular transaction.

11. Usage Scenarios for ‘Self Declare Form’?
1. When customer asks friendly discount but no referral was generated. 2. When Business user wants to be loyal with his network 3. When Brand Friend phone not reachable or unavailable during customer tries to reach. 4. When OTP issues arise, then business user can retry using Self Declare. 5. When customer shows Brand Friend’s Visiting card and asks for Friendly Discount.

12. Do business users liable to pay GST upon commission payable?
Yes, GST of 18% is charged upon commission payable. Business users can download invoice from mobile app on monthly basis.

13. How to add GST while invoicing to Do Friendly by Brand Friends?
GST is charged to Do Friendly only if the user has uploaded GST# within Brand Friend profile details. Any transaction which is performed post updating of GST# will be auto populated while raising invoice to Do Friendly.

14. How to deactivate business promotion?
Business users can deactivate promotion from PROFILE page and UNTICK Promotion Status. The business banner will be disabled.

15. How to reactivate disabled promotion?
Banner will get disabled if payment is overdue, kindly settle the overdue amount to reactivate disabled banner. Usually, upon successful payment banner gets activated immediately. If banner is still showing as disabled, please contact customer support for assistance.

16. How does “Invite other business & earn” works?
Do Friendly users have opportunity to invite any businesses within the platform by sharing referral code which is unique and available to all registered user. The registering business user needs to pay one time listing fee of Rs. 1,000/- to register their business into Do Friendly platform but if the registering user uses referral code, which gives them 10% OFF upon listing fee and referring user gets 40% out of listing fee received to Do Friendly towards on-boarding incentive.

17. How to retain TRUST METER at best rating?
Trust Meter is connected and measured based upon multiple algorithms. Best practices to keep up the trust meter are: a. Brand Friend’s rating b. Customer experience at premises c. Honoring OTP without fail if referral code is active. d. Performing payment to Brand Friend within same calendar date of transaction. e. Education and build quality Brand Friends for your business. f. Making customers become your Brand Friends and generate new customers.

18. Does Do Friendly mobile app records user conversations?
No. Do Friendly App does not record any of the user’s word of mouth conversation. Do Friendly App tracks OTP generations, which helps to view OTP status for Brand Friends & Business users.