Title 1

Return Policy

(Updated and Effective Date: 01-March-2020)

All deals are final unless otherwise noted.

You may cancel ongoing services, retainer, hourly services or memberships at any times. We do not pro-rate any services or memberships.
You may request cancellation of physical good orders (such as print goods) and other select services such as advertisement placements, and we will determine if the order can be canceled or not. Typically third-party vendors or suppliers are involved in the supply chain and they will have to make a determination on their part as well.

If it is too late to stop production, publication of your order, we will not be able to issue any refunds or credits. We may cancel or void payments before service has begun.


Once we have begun service or labor on your project, accounts, orders, etc, we do not issue refunds for any reason. All services are offered at the client's own risk: no guarantees, no refunds, no exchanges, no credits. Do Friendly and its affiliates, subsidiaries and Businesses cannot and will not be responsible or liable for you monetary investment or loss in any way.

We do not know of a single PPC or digital advertisement provider who offers refunds on ads, clicks, budget, etc. Once you have spent money for ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, you will almost certainly never see that money again, for any reason, no matter how compelling or justifiable your case may seem. The companies mentioned here, and many others like them, simply will not be swayed.

Do NOT spend any sum of money, no matter how great or small on Do Friendly Referral services if you cannot afford to lose it entirely with no return, results, revenue or profit of any kind.